Real Estate Tips for Today's Youth

Thursday Dec 13th, 2018


When I was 17 years old graduating from St Mildreds and headed off to Laurier University, it dawned on that not only would I would be living on my own, but I would also be in charge of my own finances.  As a young person, this was a startling revelation. Up until that point, I had always lived at home and was fortunate my parents paid my way.  I can't even remember if I had a bank account.  This was well before the days of debit cards and decades before... [read more]

Why Florida is the Perfect Place for Snowbirds and Snowflakes

Monday Jan 14th, 2019


Happy New Year everyone!  2019 has officially arrived and with it have come sub-zero temperatures.  I understand some people love this weather and all that it brings.  Skiing, snowboarding, outdoor skating, snowmobiling and various other activities are enjoyed by many who reside in the Great White North, however I am allergic to this weather.  I suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, which is affectionately known as SAD.  It causes depression, most often beginning in... [read more]



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